Young Professionals & Recent Graduates

All candidates with work experience totaling less than 3 years

As a young professional you don’t have the luxury of falling back on your employment history. Minimal, fragmented, or unrelated experience requires a targeted approach to your career search. Your resume specialist will work with you one-on-one to determine how to downplay your lack of “real world” experience, highlight your intangible qualities, and accentuate your formal education and/or specialized training, transferrable skills, and accomplishments based on the industry you wish to pursue.

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Sakile Grannum

Sakile Grannum

Communications Associate
Washington, DC

Before I was referred to Kristin, I was a recent graduate struggling to find work amid an already tough job market that was then hit with the effects of COVID-19. I spent a year cold-applying to jobs with no luck, but after Kristin revamped my resume and cover letter I received my first offer a month later. I feel much more confident navigating the job market now that I have a competitive resume that effectively highlights my strengths and abilities. Thanks, Kristin!

Kelsey Hromada

Kelsey Hromada

Property Manager
Bothell, Washington

I have had a great experience working with Kristin at Frontrunner, she was always friendly, honest and quick to respond to emails. I got a new resume, cover letter, and updated LinkedIn profile. I applied to a job with the new resume the same day I received it and secured my first interview the very next day.