About FrontRunner

FrontRunner Has Been Helping Clients Get Noticed and Get Hired since 2007


FrontRunner’s mission is to ensure that your professional dreams are realized by providing each client: Unparalleled Service, Quality Products, and Proven Results. You will not be disappointed. We stake our name and reputation on it and will go the extra mile to make certain that you have the opportunity to be seen by as many prospective employers as possible and have the confidence to advance in the interview process.

Our professional resume writing and career services are geared towards:

  • Recent & Impending Graduates
  • Seasoned Professionals
  • Mid-Level Management
  • V.P’s/Directors/Senior-Level & C-Level Managers
  • Education, Science, and Research Professionals
  • First Responders
  • Workers in Industrial and Construction Skilled Trades
  • Personnel Transitioning from Military to Civilian
  • Federal Employees
  • Individuals Entering or Re-Entering the Workforce


Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are committed to working with you and for you until you are 100% satisfied with the finished product. We offer a 30-day guarantee and stand behind our work. If you do not get called for an interview, we will rewrite your resume at no additional cost to you.

15 Years in Business




Kristin O’Callaghan

President and Founder

Are you familiar with the adage, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”? That is the mantra that FrontRunner President and Founder, Kristin O’Callaghan lives by. It is her desire to ensure that everybody has the chance to do what they enjoy, and work in an environment that is conducive to their happiness.

Kristin started FrontRunner in 2007, following a distinguished career spanning several years as an executive recruiter in addition to over a decade of experience in an HR, sales, marketing, PR, and client relationship management capacity. Kristin wanted to combine her talent for writing, knack for coaching/development, and comprehensive knowledge of the applicant submission, selection, interviewing, and hiring process. Over the last 15 years, Kristin and her team have developed resumes for thousands of clients, in hundreds of industries, across five continents, 15 countries, and 40+ states.

Kristin’s tenure as a recruiter, gave her the unique opportunity to work with and for some of America’s most prestigious companies including several recognized on the Fortune 500 and 1000 lists. That experience, in conjunction with her human resource background, where Kristin had direct responsibility over the hiring and training of new talent as well as employee growth, retention, and development, and flair for aggressively marketing and branding people/products/services, ensures that Kristin knows what it takes to be successful in the job-hunting arena. Kristin is skilled in the art of crafting an effective resume (as well as a host of other related documents including compelling cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and corporate bios) and has a documented track record of success getting people seen and more notably, hired.